From the Seattle Times: The Sound Transit board picked Tim Eyman to help write the voters- pamphlet statement opposing the fall ballot measure on light-rail expansion. Opponents of the ballot measure say the move amounts to campaign sabotage. Read Mike Lindblom’s whole story here.

Maggie Fimia of Smarter Transit writes:

“200 words of dissent delivered by people the campaign chose was apparently too threatening for their legions of Public Relation pros.”

This speaks to how this Agency does business. The Legislature allowed Sound Transit to go to the voters for a $15 Billion package. The legislators defense? “Let the Voters Decide.” Now it is a $54 Billion package and the Sound Transit Board apparently does not trust the voters’ to make the right decision.

For many voters who lean left, Mr. Eyman’s initiatives are very unpopular. This agency has 39 people in their Communication department which has a budget of $8,000,000. Their campaign has raised over $2,000,000, much of that from the contractors and unions who in turn are awarded contracts.
It speaks to how vulnerable Sound Transit is that they could not tolerate a straightforward, honorable decision to appoint the “NoST3″ choices.”