Ride the Swift Bus and decide for yourself! Great transit all over the Region in 3 years or transit for the 1% in 25.* We already have high capacity rapid transit from the Aurora Village Transit Center up to Everett Station. Here is a picture of the existing Swift line. “In surveys, riders said they loved Swift for its: predictability; speed to their destination; ease of use; innovative indoor bike racks. Smarter Transit tried it out yesterday and concurs.

Ask the Sound Transit Board to Hop on the Bus Gus! Contact the Sound Transit board.

*Even with 79 miles of light rail, our adopted Transportation 2040 Plan from the Puget Sound Regional Council shows that in 2040 we will be taking 19,000,000 trips A DAY with just a small fraction on light rail – most transit riders will still be in buses on congested streets. The rest will be in cars and trucks.

Make a new plan Stan.