Aaron M. Renn’s looks at the transit improvement plans in Indianapolis for the city’s first Bus Rapid Transit line. Indy’s system is a model for how lower density cities with auto-centric cultures can start making major improvements in their transit offerings in a capital efficient way.

Indy is upgrading its system in several ways:

  • Three BRT spines totaling 62 miles and 97 stations. (Features: level boarding, exclusive lanes for a majority of the route, transit signal priority, offboard fare collection, all electric buses, 10 minute all day service, etc).
  • A new, grid based bus network with several high frequency routes – a game changer vs. the current hub and spoke system with buses mostly coming every 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Significantly greater spans of service, with all routes running every day.
  • A new fare collection system with mobile device integration, fare capping, etc.

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