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ST3 Reduce Congestion? Of Course Not!

Mass Transit Now spokesman Prof. Mark Hallenbeck’s response to whether the $54 billion ST3 will reduce traffic congestion? “HA! Of course not!” Commuters and taxpayers aren’t laughing.

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ST3 is a $54 Billion Empty Promise

ST3 is a $54 billion empty promise By Chuck Collins As first appeared in the Seattle Times Oct. 7, 2016 FIFTY-FOUR billion dollars. Really? The sheer size of Sound Transit 3 staggers the imagination. A Google search yields nothing remotely comparable ever asked of...

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Perception vs. Reality: ST3 – Sound Transit’s Prop 1

I’m passing on information about Sound Transit’s $54 billion proposal on the November 8th ballot. While the topic could easily fill up a three day workshop, the bottom line is that while we absolutely need more and better transit, continuing to build light rail...

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