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ST3 Reduce Congestion? Of Course Not!

Mass Transit Now spokesman Prof. Mark Hallenbeck’s response to whether the $54 billion ST3 will reduce traffic congestion? “HA! Of course not!” Commuters and taxpayers aren’t... read more

ST3 is a $54 Billion Empty Promise

ST3 is a $54 billion empty promise By Chuck Collins As first appeared in the Seattle Times Oct. 7, 2016 FIFTY-FOUR billion dollars. Really? The sheer size of Sound Transit 3 staggers the imagination. A Google search yields nothing remotely comparable ever asked of... read more

Perception vs. Reality: ST3 – Sound Transit’s Prop 1

I’m passing on information about Sound Transit’s $54 billion proposal on the November 8th ballot. While the topic could easily fill up a three day workshop, the bottom line is that while we absolutely need more and better transit, continuing to build light rail... read more

ST3: Not the only solution to regional transit

WSDOT,  the Puget Sound Regional Council and Sound Transit have no viable plans to reduce congestion or to keep it from getting worse.  ST3 – by Sound Transit’s own admission – will be getting more than 90% of its projected rail riders from existing... read more

Sammamish City Council votes to oppose ST3

Sammamish City Council votes to oppose ST3 The Sammamish City Council chose not to support Sound Transit 3, a $54 billion mass transit project on the ballot for voters in parts of King, Snohomish and Pierce counties this November. Read about their decision... read more